Kate Durie Teacher

About Kate

TEACHING STYLE: Flow. Heart, wide open. Meditative. Breath-focused.

ON ROTATION: Trevor Hall. East Forest. Jai-Jagdeesh.

INSPIRED BY: Love. The human experience. Yoga philosophy and spirituality across the board.

FAVOURITE POSE: Each pose in our Asana practice continues to surprise me as this path unfolds. For me, it’s about how you greet them.

MORNING RITUAL: Coffee. Breakfast. Meditation & Morning Practice/Rituals. Cuddles with the fuzzies. Class Prep.

FIRST YOGA EXPERIENCE: Earliest memory is walking into a very traditional Yoga class, and the first thing the teacher asked us to do was chant OM. I wanted to crawl out of my skin, disappear, and leave. I didn’t, I sat with the discomfort. But let’s just say it took me some time to find and speak my truth.

SIGN: Aquarius

HOMETOWN: Waterloo, Ontario

A NONNEGOTIABLE: White space, quiet time, brain love. Coffee in the morning.

FAVOURITE COFFEE SHOP: A mystical coffee shop that is super quiet, but full of incredible people. Regular Go-To’s: Ministry of Coffee, Bridgehead