Kim de Grandpre Front Desk

About Kim

On rotation: A mix bag of everything and anything….Motown, Blues, Jazz, Big Band, Rock, Pop, etc. If it gets my head bobbing and my foot tapping, I’ll be putting it on my Spotify list.

Inspired by: My son and the great outdoors.

Favourite Pose: Warrior 3 and then transitioning to Half Moon

Morning Ritual: I say out loud as soon as I get up, “Good morning Kim”

First Yoga Experience: When I was a young girl studying ballet, my teacher introduced a few yoga poses and I thought, “Wow, this is just like dancing”

Sign: Leo

A recurring thought: Today is the day I stop eating chocolate

Hometown: Ottawa

A Non-negotiable: Getting out and moving the body and the weekly phone call with my son

Favourite Coffee Shop: Bridgehead however my Cappuccino in Italy was pretty darn sweet. It was all about the atmosphere. Ciao!

Favourite Restaurant: Bistro L’Orygine in Quebec City

Favourite Complement to Yoga: Cycling, skate skiing, kettlebells and hiking

Favourite Podcast: Whatever someone recommends

Favourite Book: Mitch Alboom’s books – Tuesdays with Morrie, the Timekeeper, the Five People you Meet in Heaven. Also really enjoy a good murder mystery and any story that the main character is a dog

If you could have dinner with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be? My parents and all my fur babies (dogs) that once filled my heart with so much joy.

Kim's Classes

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