Beats and Bass for Brains with Ayla Barker

Join Ayla for a 90 minute techno flow to support her friend Lucy, a local single mother in her battle against brain cancer.

Lucy has been diagnosed with a Glioblastoma multiform, a metastasis cancer on her brain. This tumour has become so large that it is giving her brain little to no movement in her skull. The tumour pushes on her brain and causes temporary vision loss at times.

She is currently going through radiation and chemotherapy treatment. The tumour cannot be operated on here in Canada without an 87% chance that she is left paraplegic. The treatment itself makes her feel exhausted and sick yet she is still working everyday because she has no choice but to do so. Lucy is a single mom of four, the youngest being only nine years old. She receives very little financial support and is continuing to work through her horrible diagnosis to provide for them.

We are raising money to assist Lucy so that she can put her focus into her fight and spending time with her loved ones. All proceeds will go directly to her and her children.

If you can’t flow with us but want to help out visit “Lucy’s Treatment and Time with Loved Ones” on GoFundMe to donate or share.

Music set provided by Ottawa local DJ @daveoopera

Date: Saturday April 25th, 2020

Time: 6-7:30pm

Location: Pure Yoga Centretown

Donation: $20 CASH ONLY! Register online today to save your spot and PAY AT THE DOOR when you arrive.