Myofascial Integrated Alignment Yoga with Rob Aranyosi

There are two types of movement: Movement that is good for you and movement that is bad for you. They are not the same for every person and this can change over time depending on what you choose to do with your body and how you decide to move.

Myofascial Integrated Alignment is a holistic approach to restoring natural balance in the body through movement.

The practice is a carefully created vinyasa style practice around a myofascial meridian, or set of myofascial meridians, which are continuous lines of tension that run through muscle and fascia. These lines are essentially what hold our posture & allow for transmission of force for movement, so working to keep them in balance is key for general physical health & fitness.

This practice focuses on choosing specific poses and movements that work the chosen line, as well as “tuning” traditional poses or movements to help either increase or decrease tension across the chosen line(s).

As we start to expand our movement patterns in an intelligent and consistent way, the gap between movements that are good and bad for you begins to close, and most movements become healthy and useful for the body once you understand the intention behind them.

Join Rob for this fun & challenging masterclass to either begin or continue the process of growing your practice and removing limitations.

The class starts off with a short discussion on Myofascial Integrated Alignment and moves right into a long well curated physical movement practice.

Date: Sunday, March 12th, 2023

Time: 2pm-4:15pm

Location: Pure Yoga Westboro (279A Richmond Rd)

Investment: $40 + HST

~ There will be no refunds for this workshop. ~