Virtual Partner Yoga & Massage with Tiffani Harris

AVAILABLE for a LIMITED TIME ONLY: Thursday April 8- Sunday April 18th

10 days ONLY!!

Who is in desperate need for a massage?

The stress and anxiety levels from all that is going on in the world is wreaking havoc on our bodies. Not only that, the social distancing and limited social interactions is causing touch deprivation on levels we have never seen before. The effects look like:

- Low energy & Poor sleep

- Muscle stiffness & soreness

- Anxiety & Overwhelm

- Feeling lonely

There are no many side effects of this right? But it doesn’t have to be this way. You have the power to give your body the touch, movement and relaxation therapy it needs from right in your living room.

Introducing Yoga & Massage with Tiffani Harris. We are taking self-care to a whole new level. Yes! Yoga & massage has gone virtual, and for a limited time only, we are offering you the chance to alleviate headaches, muscle tension, stress and general anxiety with this Yoga & Massage Masterclass.

Partner UP! Grab your roommate, friend, family member, someone from your bubble and join Tiffani Harris as she guides you through a soothing, relaxation yoga class with partner massage.

Connect with your partner and re-establish safe human connection so you can fill your body and soul with loving vibrations, ease tension and give the gift of touch.

Have your partner work out tension areas of your body with massage techniques so you can relax, ease your stress and feel the comfort of physical touch that you have been craving.

Repeat the process of them so that you can ease their tension and help relieve their stress.

Sounds pretty great right?

It’s a WIN/WIN.

Yoga & Massage will ONLY be available: 10 days only April 8-10, 2021

This Masterclass is valued at OVER $100 but is NOW AVAILABLE for $44.97

You are NOT going to want to miss this deal… When it’s gone, it’s gone!