OMies Acro Yoga ~ Intro to the Primary Series ~ with Andrew Milliken & Ciara Beaton

You are invited to come practice with Ciara + Andrew in this fun + interactive workshop for two!

New to acroyoga? Looking to build more momentum in your current acroyoga practice? What better way to dive in than learning + fine-tuning the primary series! Together, we kickstart the evening with exercises + partner workouts to strengthen + lengthen your body in preparation for your acroyoga practice. We then dive into breaking down + connecting the primary series ~ an acroyoga flow sequence comprised of a number of postures that dynamically link together. We will support you step by step as you learn all of the skills necessary to have a safe + successful practice. To top it all off, you and your partner will have the opportunity to unwind with some sweet therapeutic acro + thai massage.

Join us with a light heart, an open mind + a readiness to play.

All levels of experience welcome. Feel free to fly solo or bring your favourite yogi {spouse, bestie or famjam}.

Date: Saturday, June 22nd

Location: Pure Yoga Westboro

Time: 6:30-9PM

Investment: $35 / person

Special Note: Please sign up as individuals {under separate accounts}. There will be no refunds for this workshop.