Ashley Odongo Front Desk

About Ashley

On rotation: neosoul, rnb, ’00s indie, soft rock & country love songs

Inspired by: life, nature, people & books

Morning ritual: music, meditate, journal & coffee

Favourite yoga pose: forearm wheel + wild thing

First yoga experience: ten years ago

Sign: Gemini

Recurring thought: Another book I need to add to my reading list…

Hometown: Born in Kenya, grew up in Guelph, been in Ottawa since highschool

A non-negotiable: Safety.

Favourite coffee shop: Arlington 5

Favourite complement to yoga: running, tumbling, bouldering, nature walks

Favourite podcast: audiobooks > podcasts

Favourite book: Vibrate Higher Daily

If you could dine with anyone: my grandparents

Ashley's Classes

The schedule is blank. Please check times here.