Kristen Cliche Teacher

About Kristen

Teaching Style: Intentional. Balanced. Grounding.

Sign: Aries

Morning Ritual: Time with my dog. Coffee. Quiet.

Inspired By: All of the amazing, strong women in my life, specifically my mom and sister. My dad is pretty rad too :)

On Rotation: Dermot Kennedy

A Recurring Thought: “Did I leave the straightener on?”

A Nonnegotiable: Popcorn at the movies. Alone time. Hugs. Sleep.

Hometown: Pembroke

Favourite Coffee Shop: Home Brew…with a dash of coconut oil, cinnamon and steamed oat milk.

Favourite Complement to Yoga: Mobility work & dog walks

Favourite Podcast: Mindful Strength

Favourite Book: The Night Circus, I am her Tribe & the Harry Potter Series (to satisfy my inner child)

If you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be: My family, for my dad’s world famous homemade pizza :)