Pure Yoga Teacher Training with Amber & Jen

Program Overview:

Our Pure 2015/16 Teacher Training is expertly designed to provide a deep introduction into the art and science of yoga. Throughout the training we will cultivate an inspiring & deep yoga practice while providing thorough preparation for the aspiring yoga teacher.

This year our program consists of well over 150+ direct contact hours with faculty, valuable one-on-one mentorship with esteemed teachers at Pure in addition to the 50+ hours of home study. This training can be completed conveniently over weekends to fit into your life allowing you to live and breathe yoga while applying it to all of your daily roles and responsibilities.

Our program is unique because of it’s module format, blending wisdom from many fields of study, including Vinyasa Yoga, Philosophy, Meditation/Pranayama, Ayurveda, Anatomy, Practice Teaching and Chakra/Emotional Body work to give each aspiring teacher a comprehensive overview of a modern day yoga practice, with reverence to the teachings of the past.

Lead Instructors:

Amber Stratton E-RYT 500
Jen Dalgleish E-RYT 500

Course Curriculum:

Pranayama, the formal practice of controlling the breath, lies at the heart of yoga. It has a mysterious power to soothe and revitalize a tired body, a flagging spirit, or a wild mind. The ancient sages taught that prana, the vital force circulating through us, can be cultivated and channeled through various breathing exercises. In the process, the mind is calmed, rejuvenated, and uplifted. Pranayama serves as an important bridge between the outward, active practices of yoga—like asana—and the internal, surrendering practices that lead us into deeper states of meditation.

Teaching Methodology:
Learn Asana Technique
Proper Alignment & Refinement
Sequencing an Intelligent class
Creating an Intention & Theme for class
Holding space for students
Linking breath with sequencing
Effective cueing for beginners, intermediate & advanced students
Hands on adjustments
Working with props for different body types and injuries.

Yoga Anatomy & Ayurveda:
Anatomy: Learn & study the structure of the human body, including gross anatomy, an overview of tissue and organ systems. It will also cover the study of principles of movement, their application to yoga practice, and benefits and contraindications, which include healthy movement patterns.
Ayurveda: one of the world’s oldest holistic (whole-body) healing systems. It was developed thousands of years ago in India. It is based on the belief that health and wellness depend on a delicate balance between the mind, body, and spirit. The primary focus of Ayurvedic medicine is to promote good health, rather than fight disease

Practice Teaching:
Emphasis will be placed on preparing the teacher trainee for the actual practice of teaching a class. Each student will have multiple opportunities to lead small groups of their fellow trainees through several consecutive postures and learn thematic approaches to teaching. The practice teaching sessions will be followed by feedback sessions with lead instructors and training assistants.

History & Philosophy of Yoga:
Learn how it began, the lineage’s that inform our current practice, the philosophical pathways of the past, and current thought and future of Yoga.

Chakra & The Emotional Body:
What is a Chakra?
The word is Sanskrit for wheels or disc. It refers to seven areas of the body that align with the spine. In these discs we store information according to our belief systems. Those that were passed down through the generations and those of our own. Having knowledge about these chakras gives us the ability to be more at ease within our bodies. It also helps us to understand how dis-ease manifests in the body when there is an overload of a belief that is out of balance with what is true.
Learning the chakras and how they work, help to determine our health in mind, body and spirit and is an excellent way to pursue happiness and balance in our lives.

Business/Ethics of Yoga:
Learn how to build a sustainable teaching career; we will explore in detail how to set yourself up as an effective yoga professional. An introduction in practical techniques for managing your time, building your class & workshop numbers and creating a strong, consistent following which will ultimately lead to a successful career.

Guest Teachers:

Todd Lavictoire- Anatomy and Ayruveda
Mike Dynie- Pranayama and Meditation
Megan Campbell- History and Philosophy
Mark Laham- Yin Yoga
Andrea Robertson- Intelligent Adjustments
Phil Landel- Arm Balancing
Kristen Cliche- Training Assistant/Trainee Support
Adele Stratton- Chakras

$2600+tax by July 31st 2015
$3200+tax by September 15th 2015
*Payment plans available (in studio only (first $500 NON REFUNDABLE), contact Westboro Location at 613-680-7873)

What’s Included:
-200hr Yoga Teacher Training Certificate (Yoga Alliance Certified)
-One-on-One Mentorship & Coaching that extends beyond the training itself
-20 Class Card for Pure Yoga Ottawa
-Teacher Training Manual


Dates: September 2015- March 2016

Saturdays and Sundays from 3:30-8:30pm

Sept 12,13 (opening weekend)
Sept 26,27
Oct 3,4
Oct 17,18
Nov 14,15
Nov 28,29
Dec 12,13
Jan 9,10
Jan 23,24
Feb 6,7
Feb 20,21
Mar 5,6
Mar 19,20 (graduation)

You are required to attend all scheduled training dates to successfully graduate from this Program.
*One make up weekend will be available
*Dates are subject to change



Dates: September 2015- March 2016

Saturdays and Sundays from 3:30-8:30pm

Location: Pure Yoga Centretown