Sequencing with Creativity & Purpose with Amber Stratton, Jen Dalgleish & Brittany Bryden

Teachers, stop winging your classes! It happens to the best of us. Lets face it, we are in a creatively demanding job and some days, well, you just don’t feel inspired. Do you want to learn how to develop purposeful, and effective yoga classes? This 40hr training will arm you with the knowledge, inspiration, and technique you need to generate fresh, safe sequences that represent your voice and vision as a teacher. It will give you the tools to offer your students a complete experience. Leaving your students feeling fulfilled, and giving you, the teacher the tools to stay inspired and be prepared.

~Learn to theme your classes on an anatomical and philosophical level, and how to weave the two together
~Give your students a complete experience that will have them leaving class fulfilled on every level
~Walk into every class with a clear idea of how things are going to unfold.
~Learn how to incorporate safe, yet creative transitions.
~Incorporate music with more purpose and intent
~Truly bring the tool of actually “teaching” your students about their bodies, help them to practice safer and smarter
~Learn how to weave in different elements of the practice so each student can leave with something that resonates with them



There are so many ways to sequence a class, but the reality is most people in our culture spend a lot of time in the same position for most of their day, sitting, driving and have therefore become tight and often weak in different areas of their bodies. Changing the way you sequence doesn’t mean you can’t teach a creative, fun class! It means that we need to learn how to better prepare the body for asana to keep our students safe, and have them feeling mentally and physically prepared for your practice.
~Learn how to teach a class with an Intentional anatomical focus, incorporating a balance of both strength and flexibility.
~Learn the importance of preparing the body for Peak Posture and the building blocks that take you there
~Learn to modify your sequence on the to better suit your audience and truly teach to all levels
~Bring in the actual tool of “teaching” your students as opposed to just guiding them for a class. Learn how to get your students to better connect mentally to their bodies in order to move more efficiently through asana.

“Teach” your students, don’t just tell them what to do

It takes time to connect to our bodies on a deeper, more cellular level, to learn how to move and use our bodies more effectively. The more students can understand their physical bodies and how to connect, the safer and stronger they will become.
~Learn how to weave your anatomy into class on a level that your students will understand and connect to
~Incorporate “teaching” into the practice to help students better understand how physical body works and how to connect to and better support their bodies through movement

Incorporating Music with Intention

Music should be played with purpose, when used properly it can be a very powerful tool that add to the energy of your flow. So stop putting your go-to yoga playlist on random, learn to use your music to add to and control the energy of your class. Create an atmosphere, tell a story.
~Learn to Create a thoughtful playlist that matches the rhythm and flow of your class
~Get a better understanding of our connection to music and how it can be a powerful tool in your classes.
~Understand both the power of music and silence and how to bring both of these aspects in to create balance

Smart Creative Transitions

Yoga these days is sometimes can get unnecessarily fancy. We all want to find fun new ways to get in and out of postures, but these transitions should be equally as thought out as the postures and sequence.

~Incorporate intelligent and creative transitions that make sense
~Learn simple yet creative ways to open and close your class that will not only be unique but effective on both a physical and energetic level

Incorporating Theme

~Have your students leave with ONE clear thought or idea
~Combine the physical and anatomical in your theme
~Find the tools that will help guide you to authentic, purposeful themed classes

Set the Tone, tell a story

~Give your students the space to unwind and create their own experience
~Learn to tell a story with your class, guide your students along the journey of practice and offer them something greater than just the physical experience

How to Incorporate Inversions into your Public classes in a safe, creative way.

~Learn how to safely and creatively weave inversions into your classes for all levels
~Learn more creative ways to transition in and out of inversions and at the same time give students the tools to work towards inversions if it is not yet part of their practice

Class Logs

~Build a log of strong, smart sequences that will keep you on top of your game and keep your students coming back for more
~Learn how to effectively plan out your class so you are always going in with intention and purpose

The Details:

Dates: April 14th & 15th, April 21st & 22nd
Time: 9am – 6pm
Location: Pure Yoga Downtown
Early Bird – BEFORE January 15th 2018 $560+HST And $670+HST AFTER

There will be no refunds for this training



Dates: April 14th & 15th, April 21st & 22nd
Time: 9am – 6pm
Location: Pure Yoga Downtown